Multi Roblox Instance

Allowing you to join roblox games with multiple roblox accounts. If you want to stop the program just type q and then click enter.


If your browser blocked us please just click the options and click keep anyway.

Disable your anti virus if you can't download! Windows Defender always detect our softwares because of the nature of game exploits (false positive).

After successfully installed, scroll down below real time protection, you will see Exclusion please add C:\Sk8r as exclusion folder or any path you installed Sk8r, so windows defender does not scan us wrongly again due to false positive.

Roblox updates every week, therefore an exploit needs to be updated too. Check out our discord server to see if the exploit is working! We will post our latest news and important stuffs there.

Try running vcredistx86 and vcredistx64!

Most Club Dark softwares can only be ran on 64-bit system but not 32-bit system, we use windows 10 64-bit to create our softwares.

Club Dark exploits requires users to get a key because we rely on advertisement heavily for its revenue to sustain sk8r update and we have a life too. :(

Hate keys? Buy Sk8r Now.

Could not extract clubdark.dll? :(

Make sure your sk8r is uninjected! To do that just click kill rblx in Sk8r or go to task manager and end Roblox task.

Last updated: May 28, 2020

This date does not mean when we update the dll of the exploit, it only means the last date we updated this website page.