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Have Problems using Sk8r?
First off, Be sure to have VCREDISTX86 2017 VERSION and VCREDISTX64 2017 installed depending on your computer device! Also, delete all the older ones, always keep the newest!

I can’t run a script?

Sometimes scripts are patched, there are also some cases that Sk8r may not be able to run a certain script, but since Sk8r has a lot of functions it shouldn’t be that common, and we are always trying to add new functions to Sk8r can work better!

ROBLOX keeps crashing?

If ROBLOX keeps on crashing when you inject or execute a script you will simply have to reinstall ROBLOX!

Every time you’re injecting it’s saying “Couldn’t find Clubdark.dll”?

If you’re opening sk8r in WinRar, make sure to extract the file anywhere or create a folder for it and reopen sk8r and it should work!

Sk8r’s working properly earlier but in the next 1 hour i get some error that says “Unhandled exception . . .” ?

If you get an error that says Unhandled exception and it asks you to quit or continue, There are two ways. First is you can press quit and open Sk8r again, this way you’ll have to get the key again. The Second Way is you can press continue and wait for a notification to pop in, after that you can now use Sk8r again.

Q: Sk8r keeps crashing ROBLOX

You should always go to settings -> download newest version whenever ROBLOX has updated.
Found a bug or have a suggestion?
If you found a bug in the forum, I will be very thankful if you would report it to me! M4x
I will fix as soon as I find it!

If you have a suggestion PM me it! I will look over it, review it and maybe add it!
That would help Us to expand and will help users to have a better experience!