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vacuum pump in food industry
vacuum pump in food industry

One of the most common operations in the food industry is to use a vacuum pump system to move liquid or solid from one location or processing step to another. The main parts of pump transportation are pipeline system and vacuum pump. The types of vacuum pumps are very different, and the principles are different. The selection should be based on the characteristics of the materials to be transported. The most commonly used one is gear pump. No matter what kind of vacuum pump, because the rotor rotates in the pump cavity, resulting in the pressure difference, the suction food enters the pump room and constantly extrudes it. Obviously, a closed working chamber must be formed between the gear and the pump chamber of this kind of pump. Although this kind of pump is also used to transfer liquid and slurry, sometimes it can also transport small pieces of materials, but it is possible to crush materials.

Single screw pump may be an ideal equipment for conveying bulk materials with less crushing. This kind of pump is also called propulsion cavity pump. It can form a continuous spiral space between the spiral rotor and the outer wall. When the rotor rotates, it uses the spiral slope to push food into the same size space. Therefore, it will not damage food, such as corn grains, grapes or even shrimp.

No matter which type of vacuum pump is selected, it must be easy to disassemble and thoroughly clean. Nowadays, the common stainless steel sanitary pump can be disassembled with a simple tool in a few minutes, which is very convenient.

The key of pipeline design is to reduce the resistance and dead angle under the premise of ensuring the transportation capacity, to be able to seal and facilitate cleaning.

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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