Other hacks & exploits

Here is all the other hacks & exploits that I have made, for free of charge!

Club Dark API

Please refer to this document if you want to use it. If you want me to make your exploit api, without keys, with your own logo and notification text please contact me Superskater911#2217 we could negotiate the price and length you want me to update the dll for you.

Document link here

Roblox Multi Instances

It allows you to have unlimited roblox tabs, have multiple clients and instances, you can go to many games at once by using different accounts, you can use your alts and do this.

Bloxburg fishing bot

Allows you to afk fishing to farm your money in the game bloxburg, click [ on the red ball when it is up and just click ] on the cast button, then press \ (not /) if you want to retry or stop the bot.