1. Purchase Sk8r via stripe (click the buy button below).

We only accept credit card.

As you entered our website, or clicked the button below, you agreed to all our terms and services (including eula, privacy policy).
And we do not do refund so please check all our terms and services (refer to eula) before purchasing.
Please find the owner of Club Dark Discord after you purchase. We will only send you a receipt after you find us and confirmed you purchased the exploit.
All purchase are final. After you purchase please click the GREEN button below to learn what to do!

2. Get your HWID.

Sk8r uses HWID system to whitelist.

It is not dangerous, don't worry.


3. Verify your payment and get a Special Role in my Discord Server.

Please send me your HWID and your purchasing email in my Direct Message.

In order to activate sk8r, just send me your buyer number and your purchasing email to my discord.

Join Discord

4. Wait for your whitelist.

We will whitelist you through your hwid.

It normally takes 3-7 days to whitelist your sk8r.
If we did not whitelist it is probably because you have not sent us your hwid and email correctly.
If you are whitelisted, you will be given a receipt and you can use sk8r normally without the key prompt.
Remember to just download the sk8r at the download page. You do not get a new sk8r file!